2019 SWAT Round-Up International Competition & Vendor Show.  In attendance was North Florida Agency Liaison Mark Wheeler, company President Tom Falone IV, and Vice President Andy Anderson. (L-R)

Having great quality products is important.  But what’s even more important is the quality of service available from those you choose to do business with.  For over 40 years, Florida Bullet has believed that it’s service is what has always separated it apart from others in the industry.

At the tip of the spear is Florida Bullet’s Agency Liaisons.  Each has been in your shoes.  They’re not salespeople.  They’re not representatives.  Florida Bullet Agency Liaisons have skill sets which we believe should still be made available and shared with the law enforcement community.  Their job is to ask you, our customer, what we’re doing right & wrong along with the very important question of “How can we help you?”

Need a course taught and don’t have the certifications to teach it, let us know.  Want to schedule a course and don’t have the manpower, let us know.  Reach out and ask what complimentary courses, services, etc. are available to you.