Providing high-quality law enforcement ammunition at competitive prices and in a timely manner has been at the forefront of Florida Bullet’s business model.  Florida Bullet is a sole-source distributor of the following brands of ammunition in the State of Florida.  What this means to you is you’ll never pay for shipping of these brands into your agency from the factory.

No freight costs mean more money for you to spend on other necessities like more ammunition, weapon systems, apparel, or accessories – all items which Florida Bullet can supply to you continuing to save you and your agency important budget dollars.

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Florida Bullet has hosted hundreds of FBI Wound Ballistic Work Shops (WBWS). Thousands of law enforcement trainers have witnessed the difference in the quality and performance of ammunition it distributes as compared to others in the market which claim to meet the standard Florida Bullet has set.

If you have not taken part in a WBWS, please contact Florida Bullet to find out how your agency can host one or when the next WBWS is being hosted in your region:

  • (800) 345-1549